Lifeforce Dynapac LP Propane APU By Lifeforce Energy

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Lifeforce Dynapac LP Propane APU

By : Lifeforce Energy

Lifeforce Dynapac LP Propane APU By Lifeforce Energy
Item #: 1044

T he LifeForce Dynapac-LP has been designed for a plug-n-play installation. No APU can be installed, or removed in less time. At less than 165 lbs, no specialty lift equipment is necessary and because of it's smaller size and weight, it can be positioned in more places on the truck. Mounted on the depth axis, the frame space width required is 18 inches. In many cases, it will also fit between the frame rails behind the cab. Two small penetrations are made in the floor of the cab for wire pass-throughs, and our built-in under bunk AC is self-contained, so there is no outside condenser cooler to install, no hoses, and no holes to punch out the rear. The installation causes no significant damage to the truck, so when the APU is removed, the minor repairs necessary can be done in minutes by almost anyone. So you have the option to either leave the APU with the truck when it is re-sold, install it on a new vehicle you buy, or refresh it and sell it to another trucker. Optional portable AC units are available that require no installation whatsoever. These work especially well in the larger, wider cabs, where space is not as much of an issue. The portable units can be moved anywhere within the cab, but they work best when positioned near the front seats - facing to the rear. When in use, the exhaust hose is rolled up into one of the windows. With no ducting, these units cool extremely well. The completely safe, PTC heaters are portable, so they can be positioned almost anywhere in the truck. They are just 3" X 3" by 5.5" deep, yet they produce amazingly robust heat. They are temperature adjusted by the interior climate control panel, which also starts and stops the APU, and manages battery conditions and charge.

Sale Price : $3,995.00
Was : $4,995.00

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Lifeforce Dynapac LP Propane APU

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