eZEio Data Logger Controller

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eZEio Data Logger Controller

eZEio Data Logger Controller
Item #: 1056

The eZEio is a general purpose data logger. This controller box simply provide access to the internet and provides a simple way to measure electrical consumption in very little time. Each connect to a sophisticated web browser that automatically stores data for future analysis. Basic eZEio (data logging): The eZEio Controller comes complete with an eZEio controller, power supply and ethernet cable. It has four inputs, compatible with either 0-10V or 4-20 mA, and two outputs as well as a built in RS-232 and MicroLan interface. Provides Basic Data Logging: Once connected, the system is online to the Internet immediately and will store and graph data. For most commercial buildings, installation will take less than one hour. Available for Ethernet $356 or Wireless $449

Sale Price : $356.00
Was : $456.00

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eZEio Data Logger Controller

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